Morning Coffee 3/18/18 I Am Not (Poem)



I am not your el shaddai

I am not your God that sits on high

My name is not a strong tower

if you run in, i can’t guarantee your safety

I am not the one who walks on water

so don’t cry to me “Lord save me!”

I cannot walk out you salvation and expect to keep my own

I need time to go to the table to feed me!

Yes I know our tradition

but i have moments when i need God so let me be!

I can lead a horse to water but i cant make him drink

yes things are good but i cant always be there when things start to sink.

I am not the bruised reed that will not break.

If i bend to far i will break!

Im am doing my best to point you to the source

but i guess you will learn as life runs its course.



Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


Only Silence

When words cannot be uttered.
Where body language cannot express
When we are left with our mind blown to pieces
There is only silence.
When it is out of our logical grasp.
When how and why are left unanswered.
When we don’t see how it came to be.
There is only silence and it is golden.
Because in our silence we are forced to be hushed
It makes us see that someone else is in control of the paintbrush.
So now we see our true status, our true position.
Passengers! Passengers that cannot handle the chaos of the ride!
So we must yield the wheel to the ONE more qualified, the ONE with the CDL.
We can’t handle it so we in hushed amazement look to the One who will drive us through what my seem like a living hell. The fires are apart of the hardening process leaving us finished with a flawless glaze.
So now there is only silence as we look back in hushed amazement wondering how HE got us through.
From my mouth there is only silence.
B. Sawyer – Only Silence 5/25/16