Morning Coffee 11/26/18 Untitled (Poem)

Hello Family…

If a composer has the ability to compose the greatest of songs, but does not compose them, how will the songs reach the the empty souls longing to be filled?

If a painter can paint the most vivid masterpiece, but leaves his brushes and palette dry, how will the world see the expression of his soul?

If a writer can use words to paint the world, but never puts pen to paper he is doing himself but more importantly his fellow man a grave disservice.

We can dream a thousand dreams and be inspired by there beckoning call, but if we never reach for one we might as well not try at all.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


What Am I Supposed To Be?!

Here I am!

Here I am, in a world with so many differences.

In a world with so many choices.

There are so many paths

If I only knew what to do!

They all can’t be true!

I am gifted at so much!

Sometimes the inspiration is too much!

I need focus!

God you created me! You breathed life into me!

You set me on this path and I’m walking it.

But sometimes I feel i never measure up to it!

Give me a focus, give me a line of sight!

I’m tired of wondering if what i am doing is right!

What am i supposed to be?

Show me what is worth fighting for

Show me what is worth shedding my blood sweat and tears.

Come into my darkness and expose my fears!

You are my identity!

I need you to identify me!

Because this world is trying to define  me!

Like aladdin you show me a whole new world!

Well give me the GPS so i can navigate it.

and become who you want me to be!

Renew my mind and show me


What Am I Supposed To Be?! by B. Sawyer 8/7/16

Only Silence

When words cannot be uttered.
Where body language cannot express
When we are left with our mind blown to pieces
There is only silence.
When it is out of our logical grasp.
When how and why are left unanswered.
When we don’t see how it came to be.
There is only silence and it is golden.
Because in our silence we are forced to be hushed
It makes us see that someone else is in control of the paintbrush.
So now we see our true status, our true position.
Passengers! Passengers that cannot handle the chaos of the ride!
So we must yield the wheel to the ONE more qualified, the ONE with the CDL.
We can’t handle it so we in hushed amazement look to the One who will drive us through what my seem like a living hell. The fires are apart of the hardening process leaving us finished with a flawless glaze.
So now there is only silence as we look back in hushed amazement wondering how HE got us through.
From my mouth there is only silence.
B. Sawyer – Only Silence 5/25/16

If These Words…

If These words

If these words don’t take flight and up lift the souls that hear them,
there is no need for them.

If these words written with tears and heart poured out Don’t fill up a lost and thirsty soul,
there is no need to cry, there is no need pour out.

If these words fall on the spirt of the reader and don’t produce harvest,
there is no need to read them

If these words are not woven together with the LOVE of God
then these words are woven in vein. and will cause more pain.

If these words don’t pour out a praise

If these words are not saturated with God’s anointing
If these words are not inspired by the great I AM
Then there is no need for them.


I don’t write for fame, I don’t write for fortune.

I write because HE elevated me, HE lifted me!

I write because HE gave me a trillion chances.

I write because 2000 years ago HIS BLOOD was the
cleansing flow that redeemed me and continues to redeem me.
for the old man i used to be.

I write because i want to see others be pulled up from the mess they are in.

I do what i do because of what He did on the cross.

And if He is not in it, there is no point in doing it!!!!

In all i do….. Christ at the center

B. Sawyer 3/25/16

Old Man Die!

Old man die, you are no longer needed.

who you are and what you do are no longer invited.

Stop trying to creep in the side, they way is blocked

and the gate is locked.


Old man, you are a stain on the garment of my life.

You have cost me much, far too much!

So now I must bleach you out, becoming nothing more than a

distant memory! Old man, I hate you! Away from me, slither your way to

the depths of the abyss! Trust me you wont be missed!


Redeemed Man of God, arise and take your place! This is your time!

Arise God has claimed you and said “You are Mine!”

The time is now for you to rise and be all God said you would be!


 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away;

behold, all things are become new. –  2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV


B.Sawyer 3.21.16

Morning Coffee 2/9/16 How Great Is Our God

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11 For the Scriptures say, “‘As surely as I live,’ says the LORD, ‘every knee will bend to me, and every tongue will confess and give praise to God.'” – Romans 14:11 NLT

Hello family, Often when singing in worship I find myself at a point where i am totally lost in God’s presence and wish I could shoot out of this mortal body straight to heaven. I come to point where I have no word only tears of joy to express my worship. Very often i will reply a song many time over and it not getting old because God is speaking to me through it! Here is a poem of worship to our awesome God!

Space and time are in your hands! The universe in all its expanse can be balanced on the tip of your finger.  I observe the typography of my own fingertip, each line carefully drawn and sculpted by you. I see the freckled birthmark on my left arm and realize how in credibly detailed you are!

How great are you!

I see the sky your ever-changing canvas. And i think How can you say there is no God? To believe that this entire planet let alone the universe just started by all itself just does not make sense! There are to many systems, to much beauty, too many laws created by You God to say there is nothing controlling all of this.

How great are you!

We have barley scratched the surface of what we know about this blue planet you placed us on. We are finding hidden wonders like the giant crystal caves in the Naica mines of Mexico. We can only speculate about what we see in the pictures of the Hubble space telescope. we still haven’t made a scratch into the vastness of space.

There is no word in any language on earth to fully describe You!

How great are you!!!!IMG_73481

Naica Mine Giant crystal caves:

Much Love & God Bless


Chris Tomlin – How Great Is Our God (Lyrics And Chords)

I will Live by Brandon Sawyer (APoetsHeart51)


I will live to love You
I will live to praise You
I will live to seek your face

When this world has abandoned it’s morals
I will stand for You.You will not find me asleep and unaware!
I stand here fully prepared.

I will live to Love you
I will live to praise you
I will live to seek your face

The alarm is ringing!
Can you not hear it? It is time to go to work
It’s time to put our hand to the plow and be the body of Christ!


We will live to Love you!
We will live to Praise You!
We will live to Seek your Face!

I will live a life that is
a fragrant sacrifice to

Draw The Line by Brandon Sawyer

How long will you keep this up?
You see where this road leads.
So where will you draw the line?

You have been shown glimpses
of who you can be!
if only you would open your eyes and see!

How long will you pursue this illusion?
when will you draw the line and stop
your rapid decline?

The grave awaits with its mouth open wide,
when it catches you there will be no
place to hide!

So where will you draw the line?
Will you continue down this
road till the end of time?

Or will you stop and take hold
of Christ the TRUE VINE?

Words of Worship: You Still Love Me! By Brandon Sawyer (APoetsHeart51)


You Still Love Me!

You Saved me from myself, but I return to myself!

Yet You still love me!

You Give me a purpose and a reason to live! But I looked for something else!

Yet You still love me!

I spit in your face and try to make it on my own! Only  to realize I can’t

Yet You still love me!

All I can do is surrender to You! You put up with all my mess!

Yet You still love me!

Daddy God, here I am! I am so grateful that you still love me!