Working on The book

Hello family,  Over the next few days i am taking time out from writing to finish up the long overdue morning coffee devotional book.

Much love.


Morning Devotions Book Cover Vote!

Hello Family, I have started work on the first book from Morning Coffee devotion! (YAY!!!) Below are 6 mock front covers I would like you to be involved in this. So from today march 10th until Wed march 16th You can vote on the front cover you like. The one with the most votes wins.  simply comment 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. the first cover you see is 1 the next is 2 and so on. I am so excited! Now go vote!!

Much Love God Bless

1.6x9_Front_Cover 1 2.6x9_Front_Cover 2

3.6x9_Front_Cover 3 4.6x9_Front_Cover 4

5.6x9_Front_Cover 5 6.6x9_Front_Cover 6