Hello my name is Brandon (a.k.a APoetsHeart51)  i am, a poet, author and graphic designer. God has bought me from some pretty low valleys. With out Him i would not be here. In April 2014 God motivated me to start Morning Coffee devotionals. Just like some of us need a hot cup of Joe to kick start our day, our spirit man needs the word of God to get its day started. So welcome grab a cup of coffee, tea, juice, whatever you drink or eat to start your day and enjoy. Morning Coffee Devotionals.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi i came across ure site in time of need. I would like to receive the devotion on daily basis via email how does onè go abouy. God bless u doing great work teaching the word of the LORD

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  2. I came across your page and found it to be very inspirational and rewarding. I would like to receive your Morning Coffee Devotionals.
    Thank you and may God bless you and I pray HE meets all your needs according to HIS WORD in Jesus name. Amen
    Do you ever read or study the KJV …I prefer it over all others!

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    • It blesses me that you are blessed by these writtings. Yes on occasion I do read and study from the KJV. I do enjoy it. I do quote from it when God leads. If you want to receive post via email near the bottom of the page on the left hand side is a follow button click it and you will be subscribed to receive post via email

      Much Love & God Bless
      Brandon (APoetsHeart51)


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