Morning Coffee 9/24/18 Only You Know

Hello Family

We all have elders in our life. The individuals who God uses to help shape and mold us. These individuals are important to have and there is nothing wrong with going to them for advice or receiving the wisdom that they pour out to us. But at the end of the day we have to line that up with God’s plan for our life. We sometimes  can receive advice or wisdom and act on it without consulting God.

I respect all the elders in my life and i am grateful for them. But i have to turn to God and say “what do you have to say about this?” And if it is in line with God’s purpose for me i move forward with it. but if its not I have to respectfully set it aside and seek God on the next steps. The people in our lives who are our advisers are people just like us we cannot honer them more than we honer God.

We may not be able to fully explain to them the direction God has directed us and they may not be able to fully understand. We cannot get caught up in that. This is why a deep personal relationship with our heavenly father is so important. With out it we may let go of something that comes around only once. and once it is let go of it may not comeback around. Only you know how God is leading you. He is the only one there with you, watching you 24/7/365.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


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