Morning Coffee 7/13/18 Medicated (poem)

Medicated…. That is what the system of this world wants us to be.

They want us so high and doped up that we cannot see.

We are offered pleasure to blind us from reaching our true measure.

We don’t want to face the pain but yet we want to know what riches are there to gain.

Nothing against creature comforts. But If you recline to long you will decline into a             LAY Z BOY.

Sex, drugs and Alcohol are no longer the only addictions. The biggest drug is your self.

“i love me some me.” hold up let me take this SELFie. I did my my part now what can you do for me.

This world wants to dull the pain but i promise you its not for your  eternal gain.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


Morning Coffee 7/8/18 Real Talk

Hello Family

For the past week i have been wearing a dog tag that my mom gave me, that quotes Jeremiah 29:11. One side says in large print ” I KNOW” and in small print GOD (JEREMIAH 29:11). On the other side has GOD in large print, then the scripture quoted beneath it in smaller print. I am not blaming my situation on anyone but myself. God give me direction, show me what you need me to learn in this season. Everyone looking in sees all this talent, anointing and gifts and i get all the encouragement and wisdom in the in the world from them, and i am grateful for it.

But when all the voices fade i feel like I am stuck in the middle of a five-way intersection. One road is called “look for a job” Sigh….. and this road only forks off into into a million other possible roads(thank you mom &  especially dad for your patience). I don’t want to just do this thing because its logical or move in that direction because I am good at it. God i want you plan for me and any family that comes with it! God i know i have procrastinated on some things and i repent for that. Now i need you to show me what i need to do. The clearest message in this season is “write” I have even been slow on doing that. But the moments that i do sit down and write (including this moment), they are the most peaceful and everything is right and i can feel you God. You have told me to keep writing and that is what i will do.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer