Morning Coffee 10/13/16 Not This Mountain Again

Read Number 8:5-6

We even saw giants there, the descendants of Anak. Next to them we felt like grasshoppers, and that’s what they thought, too!” NLT

Hello family, for me this week has been about overcoming mountains that i have been wandering around. By gods grace I am finally moving past these mountains. So i can walk forward to the next step.

God could not bring the Israelites into the promise land in there fearful doubtful state. he had to eliminate the things that were getting in the way. Sometimes we get in God’s way and hinder our own process like the Israelites. God will let us hit out baby toe a few times until we see that we are being our own worst enemy. Sometimes we are the ones that need to be removed.

And when we finally get out of God’s way He can then move us forward into what he has for us next. Get over this mountain! Don’t find your self coming back to it saying. Not this mountain again!

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


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