I Choose by Brandon Sawyer

I am held to a standard. I am something different!

You haven’t, nor will you ever meet anyone like me!

I am not what this world wants me to be or even what you want me to be.


This world did not make me! Social media did not create me!

I was created and then then the mold was broken.

I am not the next this or the next that! I am the next only me!


Don’t compare me to the ones that have gone before!

I cannot be cloned! Nor was i ment to be.

I got one life and I’m leaving it all on the floor.


I choose to stay grounded in my creator.

Without him I am nothing.

If you like me its cool, If you don’t its still cool

just go sit with the other haters.


I choose to be and will always be unapologetically me!


B. Sawyer 6/9/16





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