The Numbers (Poem)

Do I have to have a three thousand seat auditorium?

Do I need a grand stage with all the trappings?

Do I need a three piece suit and a degree to boot?


Do I need to shutdown twitter and Facebook to make an impact?

Do I need the most followers and likes?

Do I need the numbers?


What I need is to know that the pouring out of my God given gifts is not in vein!

I need to know that the words that God gives me will reach a soul and touch it!

I can have all the numbers but no fruit comes from the numbers then its all in vein!

If only one of you is touched by the words God gives me, the mission He gave me is a success!

I don’t need the numbers. I need “well done Good and faithful servant”

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


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