Morning Coffee 3/8/16 Let Go Of The Pinky

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Read Matthew 10

1 Jesus called his twelve disciples together and gave them authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal every kind of disease and illness. – Matthew 10:1 NLT

Hello family, When I was a toddler learning how to walk i would hold on to my mothers hand for security and stability. Over time my legs grew stronger and my balance improved. But still i clung to the pinky finger of my mothers hand. She would resist and shake my little hand free urging me to walk on my own but i still wanted to hold on.

Jesus did not wait until He was leaving to send out the disciples. While He was still with them, He gave them the authority to heal and cast out evil spirits. He gave them instructions on how to conduct themselves and what to take and not to take.

Im sure there may have been some apprehension in some of the disciples but they still went and did as Jesus told them. Has God recently pushed you out of your comfort zone and said “Go I give you Authority to (fill in the blank)?

Well, then? get up and do it if God said you can walk then walk! Let go of his pinky and Go do What he as told you to do! Go Get it!!!!

Much Love & God Bless


Nothing Without You – Jason Nelson


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