Morning Coffee 2/25/16 I See (Poem)

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I see… I see… I see that i am not my own, free to roam without any repercussion. All of my actions produce a reaction that will either lead to life or destruction. I see that I cannot escape the responsibility of the calling you placed on my life.

From the day of my birth, You orchestrated my life on this earth. No matter how far I strayed you were able to reign me in. I see… I see… that obedience is necessary! I see that in order for the Jericho wall to fall, i… have to completely surrender my all!

Answering a call to the alter is just an empty parade. It is from the inside out this sinful nature fades. I see… I see lord. Only through you will my life mission be accomplished. Not by my hand but, In your time, In Your strength, In your will, it will be done!

I see and I answer to the things you call me to!         

Much Love & God Bless


How Deeply I Need You – Shekinah Glory


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