Morning Coffee Revisited 2/19/15 Are You Listening?



“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27 NLT)

Hello family. At the end of “In Transition Morning Coffee 2/17/15” I encouraged you to find a quiet spot and shut everything out and not say anything. In that quiet time, did you hear God speak to you? Did He share anything with you? Did you feel His peace? If yes great, if not you may have been distracted. There have been times God called me to sit quietly in His presence so he could speak with me. But I was distracted, I was distracted by video games, TV, thoughts in my head, the paint pattern on the ceiling! I would wonder why I didn’t hear God! It was because I was not listening! I was like a little kid watching TV while the parent is try to talk to them! The kid may say “okay” and “yes” to every question but they really didn’t hear their parent because they were distracted. So once again there will be no music to listen to. (If you did this the first time and heard God Do it again!) eliminate ALL possible distractions! If you have to get in a closet with the lights out and door shut. Get quiet and listen for God’s still small voice.

Are You Listening?

Much Love & God Bless






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