The New Morning Coffee Devotions!

mc logow

Hello family! I pray that your new year has gotten off to a great start! If not hang in there it will get better. I’m sure you have noticed some changes in the past few weeks, I do apologize for keeping you in the dark. God is bringing MCD (Morning Coffee Devotions) into a new season and with that comes some awesome changes. One of them is the new logo above, another is the schedule of MCD. Devotions used to be sent out almost every day of the week but due to my work schedule and the advice of a close and beloved brother. MCD will be Monday – Friday. another change that is coming is that on January 15th Morning Coffee Devotions will become its own website the new url will be, No more attached to the end! In April there will be a giveaway of MCD merchandise (more details later.) I will also revamp and restart the MCD online shop with new products! i am excited for what 2016 has in store and i thank each and every single one of you for joining me in this journey! Wether I see you face to face on a regular basis or our contact is limited to this ministry I am thankful God stitched you into the patchwork of my life!

Much Love & God Bless



One thought on “The New Morning Coffee Devotions!

  1. Nice new look! All the best in this new year. I’m looking forward to reading your inspirations.

    All I ask is that you remember to break up your devotionals into paragraphs. My favorite harp. 🙂 And you could put in several Categories like Faith, Christianity, Bible, Inspirations, etc, so it will be easier for the search engine to find your blog.
    (On your dashboard, click on Posts, then choose Categories. There you can add new ones. Click the check-marked box for the Uncategorized default and that check-mark should disappear.)

    I, too, must make changes with my blogs, but since I don’t know what changes to make, I continue to toss on the waves of indecision. 😦

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