Morning Coffee 1/1/16 Don’t Resolve To Unresolved

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33 “You have also heard that our ancestors were told, ‘You must not break your vows; you must carry out the vows you make to the LORD.’ 34 But I say, do not make any vows! Do not say, ‘By heaven!’ because heaven is God’s throne. – Matthew 5:33-34 NLT

Hello family, Happy New Year! We are at the start of a new year! We normally make resolutions this time of year and we start off good, but by April they have slipped to the wayside. I want to encourage you before you chooses a resolution for 2016. Sit down with God what is it that He wants us to work on. Let God give you your new years resolution! And then pursue it but not in your own strength but His! If you fall off the wagon get back on and keep pursuing it. Let God shape and mold you here in 2016! Happy New Year Family!

Much Love & God Bless


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