Morning Coffee 12/24/15 And The Fullness There Of Pt 2

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25 Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread. – Psalm 37:25 NLT

Hello family, Psalm 37:25 is the second scripture God bought to my mind during my worship time. As i read it, unbelievable peace and comfort surrounded me, motivating me to worship more. As I reflected through my life i saw that God provide every need in the high and low moments. He was there every step of the way even when i didn’t see it. It was a mini “footprints in the sand” moment.

Yesterdays devotion ended with a series of questions. “Will He not also take care of what is His? Does He not provide for you? Aren’t you His child?” Good earthly parents provide for all their child’s need (and some wants). A lot of that providing is behind the scenes, away from the awareness of the child. Some times that child may be concerned and “ask where are we going?” And the parent will answer something like “you will see.” At that point the sit back and see or ask again only to get the same answer.

We some times do the something to God. We ask a second or third time because we are not in control and cant see whats ahead. Has God ever lead you wrong? Has He ever abandoned you and left you for dead? No! It may seem like it but he is working in the background working out what we cant see. In these situations where we can see or the situation is challenging what we should ask is “Lord what do you want me to learn and see about myself here where you have me now?” 

Much Love & God Bless


Good Good Father – HOUSEFIRES II (Featuring Pat Barrett)


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