Words Of Worship: PAST… PRESENT… FUTURE…


Our Past…

We learn from it, we speak from it. With out our past we are not who we are today! Be grateful for your past, you can stand here today and see how God moved in your yesterday. Don’t wish to change yesterday, you can’t change it! Like dust POOF its gone faded to dark at the end of the day.

Our Present…

Is what we have now! It is active and operating. It is the road to our future. Today we apply lesson from Yesterday to speak to our Tomorrow! The Present it is the one state we are constantly in, Only God himself is free from the confines of time. So we look to him to lead us in our now. He will never fail us that is his vow. So take his hand and obey His every command.

Our Future…

We can’t see it but God knows it. We can try to predict and unfold it. But He alone composes it! Creating a symphony better than James Horner. From Crescendo to diminuendo, Our life composed by the Great I AM will be a melody sweeter than honey. And it will bring glory to His name. (Selah) We see what God has done in our PAST to motivate us closer to Him in our PRESENT, so we abide deeper in Him in our FUTURE!

GOD….. Forever active in our PAST,PRESENT, and FUTURE!


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