Morning Coffee 6/26/15 Just Breathe



“Don’t say, “I will get even for this wrong.” Wait for the Lord to handle the matter.” (Proverbs 20:22 NLT)

Hello, family, I have seen this lived out right in front of me by my dad. My dad had a position at his job that he loved. And the people over him wrongfully took that position away. He took the position they gave him. His coworkers wanted his storm the office of the director, even my mom and I said write a letter do something. Well, my dad did do something he gave it to God! That was the best thing he could have done. Almost a year later the same people that took away the position asked my dad if he would start doing that work again. And he is back in his position some things still need to get done but just as before my dad is giving it to God!

Much Love & God Bless



Music to Listen to:  My Heart Sings/ I Belong To You (William McDowell)- Family Worship Cover



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