Morning Coffee 11/26/14 An Atmosphere Of Praise


God day family I pray you are well. I am living this devotion as I write it. A week ago I was spiritually battling a lot and God spoke through my mom. I needed to play worship music during the times that I knew there would be an attack or temptation. Well for the past hour I have be writing and nothing but worship and praise music is playing, the TV is off, there is nothing else in the house that is playing except the music playing from my laptop. All the heaviness that I felt melted off. And I felt the presence of God come in and shift the atmosphere.

Our minds can only focus on one thing at a time. We can’t feel sad and happy at the same. Got negative thoughts or fell weighed down by life? Put one some worship/ praise music, and create an atmosphere of praise!

Much Love & God Bless



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Music to Listen to: How Deeply I Need You – Shekinah Glory




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