A Poet’s Prayer

Lord, you have given me this gift. Up until now I have not been the best steward over it. I Ask you to forgive me for not taking full advantage of the gift you have given me.

Ignite me, because I lack the ability to ignite myself!
Show me where to go, because I am lost without you!
Lord, give me the words to write, be my inspiration!

My name means “from the beacon hill” help me to be a light on a hill in this lost dark world. Show me what to do and I will do it!

I don’t write unless you tell me to write. I am not here for my own good pleasure, nor am I here for the entertainment of my fellow man! You called me with a divine purpose and I will fulfill it.

The enemy has sent attacks and I have even attacked myself. Yes I have been my own worst enemy! But I look up to you My Savior, My Consoler, My Daddy God! Forgive me and stir me up! Make me unstoppable!

I quote the words of David in Psalm 51 “create in me me a clean heart O God and renew in me a steadfast spirit!”

This is my heart cry, this is my desire, this is my prayer!

I pray and ask all this in you name Amen.


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