Words Of Worship: Still Small Voice By Brandon Sawyer (a.k.a ApoetsHeart51)



I wake up and I hear it.

Softly calling me, I say give me a minute.

As i sit down with my cup of coffee looking at the morning up dates,

it is still there tugging at my heart like a child tugging on their mothers shirt.

I go about my daily routine going here and there but it still hasn’t gone anywhere.

My father arrives home and dinner is prepared. I still hear it

The growl of my stomach doesn’t even compare.

Finally the day is done and must answer this call.

I say here i am, it reply’s “I missed you where have you been?”

Me: “Im sorry i took so long but I’m here now!”

Still Small Voice: I have many things to tell you and many things for you to do!

Me: You have me!

Still Small Voice: I don’t want you just for now! I want you forever!

Me: Ok, Lord you can have me! I am surrendered to the call

of you Still Small Voice!


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