Morning Coffee 7/13/18 Medicated (poem)

Medicated…. That is what the system of this world wants us to be.

They want us so high and doped up that we cannot see.

We are offered pleasure to blind us from reaching our true measure.

We don’t want to face the pain but yet we want to know what riches are there to gain.

Nothing against creature comforts. But If you recline to long you will decline into a             LAY Z BOY.

Sex, drugs and Alcohol are no longer the only addictions. The biggest drug is your self.

“i love me some me.” hold up let me take this SELFie. I did my my part now what can you do for me.

This world wants to dull the pain but i promise you its not for your  eternal gain.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


Morning Coffee 7/8/18 Real Talk

Hello Family

For the past week i have been wearing a dog tag that my mom gave me, that quotes Jeremiah 29:11. One side says in large print ” I KNOW” and in small print GOD (JEREMIAH 29:11). On the other side has GOD in large print, then the scripture quoted beneath it in smaller print. I am not blaming my situation on anyone but myself. God give me direction, show me what you need me to learn in this season. Everyone looking in sees all this talent, anointing and gifts and i get all the encouragement and wisdom in the in the world from them, and i am grateful for it.

But when all the voices fade i feel like I am stuck in the middle of a five-way intersection. One road is called “look for a job” Sigh….. and this road only forks off into into a million other possible roads(thank you mom &  especially dad for your patience). I don’t want to just do this thing because its logical or move in that direction because I am good at it. God i want you plan for me and any family that comes with it! God i know i have procrastinated on some things and i repent for that. Now i need you to show me what i need to do. The clearest message in this season is “write” I have even been slow on doing that. But the moments that i do sit down and write (including this moment), they are the most peaceful and everything is right and i can feel you God. You have told me to keep writing and that is what i will do.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Morning Coffee 6/6/18 Taking Out The Bowman

Hello family,

The Bowman otherwise known as an archer is a key piece in any army. The arrow of the bowmen weakens the enemy’s forces before the infantry attacks. Without the bowmen things would be a different story. Without the bowman there is no arrow to hit the heart of the enemy.

So, who are the bowmen? The bowman are the Fathers the men, married, single or even divorced. Ladies this is not a knock against you, if anything it’s a knock for you. My brothers this is not a man hype message But God sending a message for us to get in line under his order that He laid out before creation. I’m not sure how long we will be on this subject, but this has been building in my sprit for past few months.

In Genesis God created an order and this worlds system has pulled us out of order. I’m an 80’s baby/90’s kid, young enough to be considered a millennial. My life span falls in a unique place in time. I’m old enough to remember reruns of shows like I love Lucy, Mr. Ed, The Walton’s, Father knows best, Little house on the prairie, etc. As I sit here reflecting over the shows I grew up with and then observe the shows that are out now. You can see a shift and a clear pattern. Somewhere between Little House on the Prairie and Modern Family, the Bowman has been demoted, devalued or put out altogether. And this shift has been successful in influencing us all.

Now if men are the bowmen then the children are the arrows that are aimed and shot out into this worlds system. And if there is no bowman or the bowman does not fully understand and guard his position he can’t properly shoot or aim his children (physical, adopted or spiritual) in the right direction. So, when they grow up if not corrected they end up shooting off target arrows.

We are going to pause here for now. But if you are a natural born man, think in this during your day. You are someone’s bowman. There is a person, one or more that God is using you to aim them in the right direction. They don’t have to be your blood child you don’t have to even be married. You are someone’s bowman.


Much Love God Bless

B, Sawyer

Morning Coffee 6/4/18 Remember

Remember when I walked with you in the cool of the day?

Remember when you shifted your schedule, so you could stay?

What happened my child?

Why did you go away?

Hello Family

God, where are you? We all have asked this question at some point in our walk. Like a child that walked away from his parents in a busy shopping mall we stress, cry and scream “where are you?!” Believe it or not it is not God who moved, its us.

We like the child in the shopping mall are drawn away and distracted by the “candy” of this world. And when we look up from what distracted us, we don’t see God. But God was leading us, He was making the path straight for us, being a pillar of cloud by day. And a pillar of fire by night. But we took our eyes off Him and decided that this other way is quicker. So now we find our self-lost unable to get back on track, what do we do?

Revelation 2:4 Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lamp-stand from its place—unless you repent. It doesn’t have to be something dramatic and big. You could have simply stopped your late night quiet time with the Lord, you could have stopped writing a devotional series God put in your hands. It is more often the subtle things that get us furthest off track from God. God has not moved, we are the ones that moved. He is calling us back in alignment with him. God has not left you, return to those things that fertilized your relationship with him, return to your first love.


Much Love God Bless

B, Sawyer

Morning Thoughts 4/24/18 Water

Hello Family,

Certain parts of the united states have been dealing with diffrent forms of water. if you lived in the midwest or northeast, you have been dealing with round after round of snow, ice, rain or all the above. Where i live in the southeast we have had quite a few wet sundays. It was especially true this past Sunday. Personally I love the rain it brings peace to my mind. But for the majority of us rain brings gloom and doom, we tend to not want to go any place and avoid it as much as we can.

But what if God is calling us into the downpour? What if God is calling us into the blizzard to be purified. The the thing about water is that no matter what form it is in, it will always purifies. Rain washes away the pollen and pollutants. The tiny crystals in snow can act as an abrasive sponge traping dirt from the surfaces it lands on.

The point is you may look out at you spiritual life and see a downpour of rain or a raging blizzard. And you want to hunker down untill the storm passes. You maybe waiting for spring but God is saying come through the blizzard, come through the downpour. I need to wash you whiter than snow. There is a washing going on in the spiritual realm. You can drown or you can accept the clensing and come out pure.


Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Morning Coffee 3/28/18 Stand

Hello Family,

Have you been a support for a brother or sister? God used you in the process to help draw them out of there darkness and into the light God. And you continue to uplift them, support them and encourage them. You watch as they walk through doors that only God can open. And even when they focus on the one tiny dark cloud in there life, you are the one to lift there head and show them all the God given sunshine around them. Only to hang up the phone and face the storm clouds in your own life. You wonder “God where is my cheerleader?!  Where is my door that no man can shut?!” You look all around you and you see your high school classmates getting married and building families and/or careers. You look back at your self and wonder where you went wrong!

Im here to say to you, you have not made a wrong turn! You are on the right track. I know the world says “nice guys/girls finish last” and it’s tempting to take things in your own hand start making things happen. But know this “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” – The Emperor, Mulan (1998) God has you on a different course than your friends, thant the rest of this world. So when they have peaked, you will be just getting started. The last flower too bloom also last the longest. So keep standing and watch God work.


Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Morning Coffee 3/26/18 Lion

Hello Family,

Jesus Christ is is described as both Lion and Lamb. Our tendency is to focus more on the lamb than the Lion. We have no hold back in how we approach a little lamb. We get all mushy and say “awwww!” But let a Lion walk in the room and everything within us works to put as much distance between us and that Lion as possible. The world see has the same mentality. they see us as lambs, all cute and fluffy. But God is calling out the lion in us. Yes we are to share the love of God but also His holiness. You can’t have one and not the other. Christ is both the Lamb of God and Lion of Judah. God is Love but He is also Holy.


Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Morning Coffee 3/18/18 I Am Not (Poem)



I am not your el shaddai

I am not your God that sits on high

My name is not a strong tower

if you run in, i can’t guarantee your safety

I am not the one who walks on water

so don’t cry to me “Lord save me!”

I cannot walk out you salvation and expect to keep my own

I need time to go to the table to feed me!

Yes I know our tradition

but i have moments when i need God so let me be!

I can lead a horse to water but i cant make him drink

yes things are good but i cant always be there when things start to sink.

I am not the bruised reed that will not break.

If i bend to far i will break!

Im am doing my best to point you to the source

but i guess you will learn as life runs its course.



Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer